Associations In Nepal – International and Local Organizations

Includes a list of Social Associations, Organizations and Support Groups with office in Nepal or participating in Nepal through other local organizations with their address in Nepal.



For users – Some local ones are just as effect as the international ones, as the local ones tend to have more connections within the community, yet it’s always best with any organization  to check  for their active participation, have areas of work that interests to you, and show you transparency in their works, received charities, and expenditures online.


International None Profit Organizations:

  • Adra  – Offers Shelter distribution for countries in need. Currently active in Nepal.
  • Air Link Flight  – Organization founded to support none profit organizations for transportation support. Donate to People in Nepal.
  • Action Against Hunger  – Main activity in food distribution with areas of work across globe. Provides relief for earthquake victims in Nepal.
  • Ameri Cares  – None profit organization which provides medical support. Includes information on the organization, activities and ways you can help.
  • BrothersBrother  – Works with local social organization to provide immediate relief in health. Includes activities in Nepal with partnership with Himalayan Health Care. Includes option to donate online.
  • Care Nepal  – Activities in providing food, shelter and health. Current activity includes relief for earthquake victim in the country and online donation options included.
  • Child Fund Nepal  – International organization supporting help for children. Includes profile, activities and option to help for people in Nepal.
  • Childrens Hunger Fund – About the organizations effort and activities in helping children in Nepal. Includes online donation option.
  • Convoy of Hope – Includes profile, activities and ways to help. Current activity in Nepal supporting humanitarian relief.
  • CRS  – Catholic Relief Services provides support for food and shelters with active volunteers on the ground. Presents information on the organization, activities and current activities in other countries are also included.
  • CWS Global  – Works with local organizations to support poverty and hunger. Presents profile of the organization, photos, activities and online donation form.
  • Direct Relief  – Includes profile and activities in health; mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for people in need.
  • Handicap International  – Presents information on the organization and main activities in health and disabilities. Provides relief for poverty in conflict and disaster areas, with current activities in Nepal are included.
  • Heart To Heart  – Provides health and humanitarian support. Includes activities with local organizations across the globe.
  • HHRD  – Official site of the Helping hand for relief. Includes activities in human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations. Includes a data showing current relief support in Nepal.
  • HKI  – Presents information on the organization and activities in health, specially offering medical support in eye-sight for blind and vulnerable people.
  • Global Giving  –  Charity organization with activities in providing food and health for poor nations. Recent activities for Nepal is also presented.
  • Global Fund For Women – Offers information on the organization, current activities including relief for affected earthquake people in Nepal.
  • Map International  – A none profit global Christian health organization with activities for relief for poverty, health and safety. Includes form to donate online.
  • Mathew 25 Ministries  – Presents information on the organization, activities and contact details.  Offers international humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
  • Medical Teams – International  – Information on the organization with the fastest medical response for relief to people affected by natural disasters. Includes information on the organization, news, events and photos, and ways to participate. Includes option to donate online.
  • Operation Blessings  –  Currently active in the country providing food, safe water, blankets and other supplies. Includes information on the organization, details on the activities and a photo gallery.
  • Operation USA  –  Offers activities in relief for disasters, disease prevention, provides privately-funded relief, and reconstruction and development aids.
  • Red Cross  –  Emergency medical response team. Presents news, activities current and past and donation options are included.
  • Lutheran Worldwide Relief – Main activities in poverty eradication and emergency support. Includes a detailed profile of the company and ways to help online.
  • USAID  – Official website of the organization with options to view current activities for Earthquake relief and ways to help.
  • UN Refugees  –  Provides help to homeless and refugees affected by political or natural disasters. Includes online donation option for Nepal earthquake.
  • World Help – Information on the organization, activities in humanitarian relief. Includes donation option for Nepal.


Local None Profit Organizations:


Online Portals

Today, online sites are allowing individual to meet their goal of generating donations and helping those in need. Following are a few selected sites that offer useful information for organizations working in Nepal :


  • Guide Star  – Presents extensive listings of none profit organizations with reviews.
  • Charity Navigator – Contains listing of social organizations with their ratings based on  factors including performance and activeness.
  • Crowd Rise – Allows individual to create and generate donation for a cause. Browse by cause, events, participate or create your own lead for collecting donations.
  • Razoo  – Allows social organizations and individuals to raise funds for a relief. Browse requests and view stats online.


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