Traveling with Family.

Tips on visiting Nepal with family; children and pets and popular programs are included here.

In Brief

After all your studies, why go alone ? Let them go with you, it’s not all that expensive either plus there are many things to do for you, your kids as well.



Traveling with Family and Children

  • Inform all your family members what to expect when you are visiting the country.
  • If you are traveling with children, educate and familiarize them about the country’s culture, health, toilet systems and other relevant such as pollution, horn noise, crowd-roads and open markets. Always prepare a list of things to do before your visit and let the kids feel — they really are a huge part of the trip.
  • Do not go for remote village tours, mountain trekking and other expeditions with your children.
  • Let the kids take it easy – do not give them too much of city tours in one day as it can distract them very easily. Ask them what they would like to see, and go from there on. In Kathmandu, show them a few temples like Pashupati, Bouddha, pot making at Bhaktapur and sunrise and sunset and Nagarkot and a beautiful Himalayan view from Kathmandu to Pokhara mountain flight if they like it, otherwise cross everything we said.
  • Let the  Nepali travel company offer you a complete travel package for you and your kids and the family so none of you need to be wondering around. Such packages should include, things to do such as visits to temples, tours to cities, transportation, meal, and accommodation and things to do as a whole family.

Popular Program For Teens

For teens, take them on a easy village trekking program, such as Pokhara to a near by town. If you love trekking, one of your recommended is from Pokhara to Synagja district with Kurumpha mountain as the final destination.  Be  weary of long distance trekking for kids even teenagers can be be difficult so hire a porter to manage food, luggage and others. Make use of farmers uses, teashops to rest as they are not only inexpensive but provide your kids to learn about the life of villagers in Nepal


Popular program for Kids

Make it simple, trek less, tour more using bus and flights. Take them from Kathmandu to Pokhara for the views of mountains or go for a solo activity using plane to view mountains in the country.  Visit cities without walking much as kids tend to dislike that, hire a cab for a day tour to many parts of the capital. Add visits to museum and national zoo park located in Kathmandu in your itinerary.

Traveling with your spouse

Just like you, he or she can do what you can do, trekking to other adventure activities. But if time is of importance issue, make a romantic trip like a honeymoon visit or just a few days of holiday. Make sure you give 7 days to the country.


Romantic Popular Program

  • Finish visiting Kathmandu’s temples and then head to Pokhara for romantic days with beautiful scenery, sunrises and sunsets, pick lakeside areas for dinning and take her on boating in Phewa lake. There is a beautiful high class restaurant just across the lake, dine there with your lover.
  • Sure, take a lot of pictures, and we recommend taking a video recorder. Try things to do as a couple of cherish your memories in Nepal, as those will last a life time.
  • Before leaving the country, buy her some handmade jewelries and unique gifts such photo albums made of hand made papers, photos grams and tea shorts with unique design such as design embroidery on tea shirts with Nepal, Mt. Everest and other items.
  • In Nepal, you don’t have to do anything really to make her happy, just follow the easy trips that surprises her and you. What do you think  of the memory of dinning watching Himalayas and vs  dinning some were in the world in a roof top rotating restaurant offering views just as the views of your own city ?


Traveling with Pets

Talk to your vet about taking your pet to Nepal so he can check against vaccination requirements. Pets include your cats and dogs. There are no quarantine period for taking your pets to the country but as these such conditions may change. Visit your nearest Nepalese Embassy, get tickets with airlines offering this service, however, you will require a lot of money, and a pet passport to take your pets to Nepal. Foods are available at shops in Kathmandu, and there are veterinarians located at the Kathmandu capital.

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