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About World Heritage Sites:

This image is used throughout to represent the World Heritage Sites in Nepal. In 1972 UNESCO adopted this convention to protect the natural and cultural sites in the world. According to the convention "cultural heritage" is a monument, group of buildings or site of historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value. Today the convention is joined by over 170 countries. It is an international legal body responsible for the protection of natural and cultural heritage sites across the globe.

For current reports on the heritage sites in Nepal, please follow these links which will open in a new window.

1979 Sagarmatha National Park
1979 Kathmandu Valley
1984 Royal Chitwan National Park
1997 Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha 

Tips for visiting religious sites:

  • Visitors can generally visit all temples unless otherwise restriction signboards are shown on the entrance. You are advised to ask the guards. Only a few Hindu sacred sites are allowed to be visited by Hindus only.
  • Visitors can take photographs of the external view of temples and monuments. Photographing inside the temples and scared sites are considered illegal.
  • Remove your shoes and leather wears before entering temples and monasteries.
  • A temple is always circled clockwise.
  • Eating should not be done inside the temples including chewing gums
  • Do not carry your belongings (such as your wallet)  in lose hands, monkeys in the temple surroundings can snatch it and run away with it.
  • Touching or pointing to people, and objects are considered offensive.


Emergency / Important Telephone Numbers:


  • From Kathmandu, during Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., call 4-360000 and ask for a telephone number of a name in question. This is the telephone number of a popular commercial call-center named ASK ME. View our Important Telephone Directory!! which includes hospitals and embassy phone numbers.


Tourist Police Office
Tourism Industry Division Ministry of Culture
Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone 977 (1) 4247041

Above is a contact for Tourist Police. Call for help, if you need.



Expedition Guidelines:

  • Obtain the expedition acts and regulations for the region. Get some information from the Tours and Travel Association of Nepal
  • Learn more about Nepal. Visit our FAQ section. Gather facts and plan your trekking well ahead in time.
  • Prepare and submit the following documents to Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Nepal for trekking Permit; (1)Application form (2)Endorsement of the National Alpine club (if there is no alpine club in your region, endorsement of your government) (3)Brief resume of all members of the expedition with photograph (4)Map of the mountain indicating climbing route. Enlist your expedition name well ahead of time since permission is granted on first come first served basis. Enlisting is free of charge, you pay only after approval.
  • Its best to get a local representative to assist you in your expedition. Contact only the trekking agency recognized by the government of Nepal.
  • Importing foods and equipments can be time consuming, expensive and burdensome. Most prefer to use them locally. Kathmandu and Pokhara have commercial complex offering excellent equipments and facilities for use. It includes porters, tents, food, cooking amenities, and other resources for mountain expedition. For importing, you will need approval from the Ministry of Tourism and civil Aviation authority for import license, custom clearance from the the airport which requires a lot of paper works. Submit your import related questions here for further assistance.
  • Trek with friends rather than alone. Local knowledge plays an important part in one's security during travel. Join Nepal's experienced trekking agencies who will take care of your camping, cooking, and carrying needs in return for a small money. This is the way to meet new people, make some friends, and sharing your adventure.
  • Have a bunch of wet-wipes, they will be handy and hygienic in wiping many stuff. Also have a good first aid kit at least for stomach upsets, headaches, antiseptic cream and band aids for minor cuts and wounds.
  • When giving gifts to people including Nepali children, give them smile, candies, gums and and a sample of your money, if that's not too heavy on your wallet! Imagine yourself being so poor in a country like this.
  • Carry lots of energy bars such as snickers, cookie bars, trail mix as they are expensive or might not be available in remote areas.
  • Wear an attitude of enjoying hiking, sweating, tenting, resting, reading, sleeping, inspect biting, and meeting poor village people... lets be honest, its a part of trekking experience in any third world countries like Nepal. No matter how your trekking goes, remember Nepalese have much more turmoil than your trekking! Just enjoy!


Check List Before You Leave For Nepal

Pre-Booking - things one would normally do before booking anything.

  • Time : We're not gonna start here by writing, did you get your vacation ? You would probably laugh at us. But it's worth confirming that since most online bookings expect cancellation fees. For Nepal, we recommend you start planning about 8 months in advance for tour packages, and about 12 months in advance for trekking packages.
  • Season : Will your vacation be a good time to visit Nepal ? You can find about that on this site later.
  • Togetherness: List all the activities you and your family would like to do. If you are going alone, is there a friend who can join you ?
  • Price : Get quotes from some Nepali Travel Companies. Go to our directory later to email them your question on price. If you are just planning on city tours, you can book that when you get there. If you write to a travel company and don't hear from them, it is not because he or she hasn't read it, it is because of the Nepali way - lack of punctuality! So give a few more days for a reply back. While you are doing the Internet search, get quotes from all online booking sites such as hotwire, travelocity, expedia, and so forth. Just google them and you should be on one of them pretty soon. Compare the Prices.
  • Tickets : Air-tickets seem to be cheaper if purchased ahead of time. Buy the tickets early. Book hotels and trekking packages. Booking hotels in Nepal straight forward, go to their website and fill-up the form. Tell`um you will pay when you get there -- that should work, for we wouldn't wanna give our credit card to someone we've never meet. Not all of us might have time to do this and that, you could all this from one location. A travel agent located near you could be secure and affordable as well.


Post-Booking - things you would wanna do after you have booked everything

  • Learn : Learn more about Nepal. We can't recommend enough.. youtube, picasaweb, and many other such sites are great to find multimedia. When you are done, you might find a few pages on this site pretty interesting, such as the Nepali Customs and so forth. Look on the right-side menu. People have written lots of information about their trip to Nepal. It's informative and entertaining to read that stuff specially since you will be one of them. On each activities page, we've tried our best to list some resources you click and follow.
  • Confirm : .. because not everyone is as good as we are. For a vacation that has taken us almost a year to plan, we don't wanna ruined it on someone's hand.. Confirm, Confirm and Confirm... everything from tickets to accommodation.
  • Have fun! - leave all those cell phones and gadgets behind, for you're on your way to see a hidden world.

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