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Rafting Activity in Nepal

Welcome to the 3rd Most Popular Adventure Sport of the Country!

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Rafting and Kayaking:

An Overview of Rafting in Nepal

River rafting is also known as White Water Rafting. Simply put, it is an sports that challenges your ability to stir against the current of rivers. You ride on a inflatable rubber raft over crashing waves of rivers. Rivers in Nepal are popular for its wild run flows, narrow to wider width, excellent views of wildlife and unforgettably scenic views, and the fact that the rivers source is the Himalaya makes it even more thrilling. Rivers are rated on a scale from one to six based on rapids and difficulties in rafting through the river.  Rivers with 3 grade or higher ratings require some what prior experience of rafting before taking on the challenges. However with proper guides and a few basic trainings once can have a go for a thrill of a life time.

Popular Rivers for Rafting in Nepal

River Popularity Difficulty Total Run Flows Rafting Period Features
Kali Gandaki *** **** 120km 5 days Intense rapids, excellent mountain views and gorgeous wilderness. Trips begin and end at Pokhara. Rapids in this river reach 4 to 4+
Trisuli ***** *** - - Favorite for a ride to Pokhara or Chitwan. Easy road access, plenty of excitements for first timers. A simple 3 to 3+ rapids are here.
Bhote Koshi **** ***** 26km 2 days Pure adrenaline. Journey starts just 3 hours from Kathmandu. Huge 4 to 5 grades of rapids.
Marshyangdi **** ***** 52km 4 days Purely uninterrupted white water. Trips start from Pokhara. Flows through the Annapurna Himalayas. A maximum of 5 and a minimum of 4 grades of rapids can be experienced here.
Sun Koshi *** ***** 270km 10 Days Intensive white water, rapids reach 4 to 5 grades
Karnali ** ***** - 7 days Longest river in Nepal. Requires a two-days trekking before rafting begins. Awesome landscapes and narrow gorges. 4 to 5 Grades of rapids here.

Did you know?

  • Rafting is the the third most popular adventure sport in Nepal. (The first is mountaineering, and second comes the trekking)
  • Rafting agents often have their own special names for the rapids. On the Trisuli, the rapid known as Ladies Delight is so called as it is suppose to be a favorite with women.
  • Trishuli is the favorite choice for a short rafting (2 to 3 days) and is combined with the jungle safari at Royal Chitwan National Park
  • If you plan to raft yourself, make sure to have what the trekking agents provide you; life jackets, camping gear, emergency medical technicians, and trained and experienced guides.
  • Did you know that Royal Bardiya National Park is the largest untouched wilderness area in the Terai. And you can have it for yours when you raft on the Karnali river which requires few days of trekking from Nepalgunj or Surkkeht before rafting begins.


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