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Why Nepal ?

Nepal is a tiny Himalayan country located between India and China. Among many things, this country's natural beauty, and people's tradition and culture are widely noted by Hundreds of Thousands of travelers who visit this land every year. Nepal also has Ten World Heritage Sites which are regarded as the Himalayan Spirit which Lives and Breathes! And some of the highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest lives in Nepal. Many other travel ingredients attract tourists to this land, and not to forget the friendliness and warmth of Nepali people.

Nepal is a Secular State (formerly known as a Hindu Kingdom), which is geographically, religiously, culturally, ethically and linguistically diverse - one solid reason why a small country like this offers so much to see for travelers. Here, above all, Guests are regarded as God, and a popular phrase is learnt by Nepalese from the early age - "Guest Equals God" (in Nepali : PahunaHaru BhagwanKo Rup Hun), so you treat Guests with honor as you would to God. Visit Nepal this year, for your adventure or holidays. It just might be the best travel experience of your life. Here, your money goes far, so you can do more with less. And you will always leave this beautiful country saying "I will be back for more" - visiting Nepal once is never enough !

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Nepal has higher number of repeated visitors than any countries of South Asia, Know Your Nepal Well

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Description of Nepali Flag Gurkha Knife Nepal Buddha the highest land of the earth!
World's only one country flag of this shape is Nepali Flag Nepal is the home of Legendary Gurkha Warriors Nepal Buddha - Lord Buddha was born in Nepal! Mt Everest - The highest mountain on earth is in Nepal
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Nepal's #1 Business !

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Tourism is the number one business of Nepal. That says a lot of about how well Nepal is prepared to greet you! Just how big is Nepal`s Tourism Industry ? Find out here...also check-out our Videos promoting Nepal which are presented at the Blog

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What do people say about their trip to Nepal?

"The city was somewhat overwhelming for me at first. I've never been to southeast Asia before, and the sights, sounds, and smells can be bewildering. But I always felt safe in Thamel. There are westerners everywhere you look, most of the signs are in English, and people are friendly and courteous, for the most part. Some sellers can be pushy, but that's part of the charm when you are walking in tourist-market areas. We took a walk to Durbar Square, a collection of temples and shrines. We wandered a bit through non-tourist areas and had a great time." -- David Metsky, a trekker holding a 200 mile journey around Annapurna
r> "Nepal is a wonderful place for trekking. If you like to walk, there is no more inspiring place to do it... Traveling to Nepal is actually not very difficult, and the country is well-prepared to receive trekkers. I encourage others to discover this beautiful part of the world for themselves. " -- Scot A. Yost, an American citizen spending six weeks in Nepal in 1994

"I could start with some cliche about my trip to Nepal. It was the best summer ever, the most incredible experience or that it was the most empowering thing Iíve ever done in my life. All of these are true, but nothing I can say can really demonstrate or justify the emotion, growth and love that I gained. Sometimes I try to explain what I did or what it was like, but the words seem feeble in comparison to the reality. There is something magical about Nepal. Maybe itís the mountains, the people or just the smell of incense in the street. I remember looking up to the clear sky at night, gazing up at the stars. I miss waking up in the morning and seeing the sea of clouds below in the valley. The air has tranquillity in it and is spiritual in its own way." -- An Australian, Cassandra Mok, a World Youth Overseas Action participant

"With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, the land locked Kingdom of Nepal has for many years been the destination of choice for foreign travelers in search of adventure." -- BBCWorld

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