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Welcome To The Real Nepal!

Learn in these pages what Nepal Really Is.

Briefs On Real Nepal

Poorest of the poorest people with the most magnificent smiles on the planet, dustiest streets of the city yet breath-taking snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys in the horizon, politicians of the poor in a national dress driving in a luxurious car and sleeping in a bungalow, and the poor after the plough and a simple hut, and a city girl in all possible flashy modern outfits and make-ups, and a poor village girl in a tattered clothes with a huge bundle on her back and a sickle in her hand, and the poor little children with dirty little feet wearing beautiful smiles to touch your heart. Welcome to Nepal! Colorful Nepal! Crazy Nepal! Remember, the more you know about Nepal, the more you want to know. Nepal is a magnet. It will attract you to explore its wonders and teach you many lessons of life. There is nothing that can stop you from experiencing Nepal. So visit Nepal this year, will you please?

Why Nepal is Poor ?

A not for profit organization Rural Poverty Portal, a division of International Fund for Agriculture, claims that Nepalese are poor because of lack of development of agriculture infrastructure which includes lack of roads reaching farmers backyard.

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What to Expect ?

Like all most poor to developing countries, expect the same in population, pollution, human rights and other basic needs of the people. Most travelers find Nepalese to be bit different, rather warm and friendly and hospitable by birth. Those who have traveled beyond the city limits, will tell you, that often Nepal surprises people more than what it is typically labeled - the poor nation.

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