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Like most developing countries, Nepal practices freedom of speech under the rules of the Government.

Nepalese Law isn't imposed or followed. Weak law enforcement makes it possible for others to take advantage

People here believe that FREEDOM of speech is still limited specially when it comes to talking about the Government and highly ranked Government personalities

Freedom of Press is now more evident than in the days of King and those who rules before him.

Nepal is a progressive nation. People, specially, Journalists were optimistic in their fights to elect the recent Nepali Government who is rather off the track in providing total freedom to the print media

More than often, many believe that bar on Freedom of expressions results from the public itself such as those by protestors and innocent students who have no idea of the consequences of their actions such as vandalizing vehicles, public properties and so on

Of all the suppressions of freedom in Nepal, nearly 14% goes to the arrest of people violating their right to speak - these include journalists as well.

Freedom Facts

  • These days, frequent reports are found on violation of press freedom. A none profit organization is actively working to monitor and resolve press freedom. If you have any concern you can report at hotline, Telephone 977-1-4102030
  • On average, About 1 Journalist is arrested every month in Nepal, by the Government or beaten-up by the protestors
  • What was once believed to be worth fighting for is mistaken. A none profit organization Nepal Press Freedom reports on its website, "Even following the restoration of democracy and signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) on 21 November 2006 Nepali media and media workers did not witness a sigh of relief"

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