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Nepal is Corrupted


If all the politicians of Nepal were to stop their bribery only for a year, Nepal would have enough money to build roads to reach every corner! Now go tell that to Nepalese living in Nepal or abroad, you would be surprised how true your words are. There is a lot of bribery and corruption in Nepal. Full Stop.

Among many reasons of rural poverty, some are lack of access to resources and roads. If politicians of Nepal were so serious to develop the nation, the roads to reach every farmers backyard would have decreased the rural poverty by many folds. Due to lack of usable roads, farmers are unable to get agriculture inputs and to sell their products. Did you know that more than 80% of Nepalese are farmers and most of them live in rural parts of Nepal with little or no access to roads and modern agricultural facilities.

Good news is that Nepali King has formed a anti-corruption commission to punish those who have committed a crime affecting millions of poor Nepalese living without hopes. Bad news is that the King hasn't given freedom to the people and one can not believe his people would not be corrupted either. Anyways, lots of Nepalese are keen for results of this anti-corruption commission. Majority of people in Nepal are willing to sacrifice their so called loved politicians in return for punishment for their utter-selfish corruption-crime! Yet many people believe that the anti corruption commission formed by the king is unconstitutional so it may not do much work either. There have been many changes on Nepali politicians yet almost all have escaped the trap by making excuses such as lack of evidence, and by the power of their money!

Nepal Corruption Facts

  • Nepal is the world's 52nd corrupted country
  • In June 2005, first time ever, Nepal's all of the most famous political leaders were detained on charges of corruption, most dismissed due to lack of evidence.
  • Nepal's most corrupted region are Police, Judiciary, Tax, Education, Health, Power and Electricity, Land administration, and Customs.
  • Land Administration, Customs and Police are the main three sectors with heavy corruption
  • Reasons for corruption in many sectors are due to lack of accountability, transparency, low salary, power of monopoly and powerful interest groups, lack of proper law and order in the country.
  • Half the people in Nepal believe that no work can be done without bribing
  • Among many ways of doing corruption in Nepal are bribery, gift-giving, diverting of budgets away from projects, under reporting of tax collections, over pricing of procurements - a direct blow to the poorest of the poorest in Nepal
  • A corrupted high level politician in Nepal can suck-up as much as 1 Million US Dollar a month!
  • Among social, economic, caste and ethnic inequalities, corruption is the most factor susceptible to Maoist influence and propaganda.
  • In Nepal, the poor cannot afford the legal costs involved in dealing with the corruption-prone formal justice system
  • In a 2004 national survey, Nepalese identified corruption as the first concern, second was the unemployment and third was the Maoist violence



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