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Location of Nepal When it comes to getting questions on Nepal, this is the most popular question we receive, and thanks for asking! The country Nepal is pronounced as NAY PAHL. It is a a land locked mountainous kingdom in southern Asia, located between India and China.

Currently over 26 million people of different races and tribes, living in different regions, wearing different costumes and speaking different languages occupy a total of 147,181 square kilometer (885 km east to west, and 193 km north to south) of this tiny country.

Nepal is one of the world's poorest countries, about half the population of Nepal lives below the poverty line.

Nepal is a little larger than North Carolina state of America. Nepal is geographically, culturally, and linguistically diverse. The capital of Nepal is 'Kathmandu' but many love to call it by the name Catmando or Woodmandu or simply by Three important icons; Everest, Lord Buddha and Gorkha' of Nepalthe name `city of temples'. Nepal is a kingdom of Himalayas, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and a unique harmony of diversified cultures.

Nepal attracts visitors for casual holidays, tours, and adventure activities including `Everest Expedition'. Nepal  is also popular for having it's land the birth place of Lord Buddha, and birth place of Lord Sita. Agriculture and Tourism are two important revenues that keeps this nation exist.

Nepal's main economy is driven by its tourism, agriculture, and Nepalese labors working in foreign countries.

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