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The Facts

Official records show that more than 14,000 people have died in the ongoing war between the Nepali Maoists and Nepali government. During 10 years of fighting, there was only one incident of tourist being killed, but the tourist was appeared to be in wrong place at the wrong time. Traveling to Nepal is Safe and in fact safer than traveling to most cities like London and New York City. Maoist's war is only with the Nepali Government, but not with tourists. Guest equals God - is the tradition of Every Nepalese and everyone welcomes guests in their land, and in their heart. Visiting Nepal is safe.

Nepal has Tourist-Police patrolling most cities in Nepal offering immediate help to tourists. Tours and Travel operators have added extra security measures in their travel plans. Most hotels are equipped with extra security guards and are in immediate contact with the local police in case of emergency. Traveling to Nepal is safe. Much of the media hype scaring people to visit Nepal has failed because Nepal is so beautiful it will attract you - Nepal is a magnet!

As with any safety, precaution is the first rule. Avoid being near demonstrations, return to your hotel early in the evening if you can, Do not carry expensive gadgets when traveling. Avoid wearing jewelries and other wears, Use a guide from a trusted travel agent or tour operator. Visit only the trekking / tour areas marked `safe' by your travel agent. Avoid road travel if possible otherwise have someone from your travel company with you. If you must travel by road, avoid traveling in the night time. Do not talk about politics, about the king, about the Maoists while you are in a restaurant or in other public places - After all, all you want to talk about is the beautiful mother nature Nepal but not the silly and ruthless rulers. Talk all you want about the real everyday hardworking poor but happy Nepali people. And also follow your own rules of safety! That's all.

Did you know? : Nepal's most foreign revenue earning is from Tourism.

Safety Contacts For Nepal :

Embassy : When traveling outside of Kathmandu, embassies now require you to register at their office. So visit your embassy before you hit the road.

Nepal Tourism Board : For Free travel news and information visit Nepal Tourism Board located at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu (Sunday to Friday from 9 am to 4 p.m., Phone : 4256909, 4247039 : email:info@ntb.wlink.com.np

Nepal Police: Unlike the 911 number! Kathmandu Contact : 4211162, 4261843, 4252434, 4261245, 4261360 Bhaktapur Contact : 4610284, 4613217, 4610954

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