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Home - Travel Information - Nepal FAQ Is my license valid for driving in Nepal ?

left hand drive car nepal International Driving license is valid for driving in Nepal. But due to traffic and road conditions driving in cities is extremely difficult. For sheer driving pleasure and scene views of the valleys and mountains, go for a highway drive such as Kathmandu to Pokhara, Kathmandu to Dharan and other highways in Nepal.

Nepal FAQ In Nepal do you drive on the Left or on the Right ?

In Nepal traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road. When you drive on the left-hand side of the road, driver sits on the right-hand side of the car. If your car has manual transmission, it will be on your left-hand side so you will be using your left hand to use it. See the picture on the side for more on where driver's instruments are located on the left-hand drive system. You drive keeping your vehicle on the left side of the road. Pay special attention when you make a turn or when you are about to take a new road, always remember to take the left side of the road not the right!

Nepal FAQ What's Traffic Law like in Nepal?

Most roads do not have lane markings. There is no use of center yellow line telling when you can or can not pass or overtake. There is no law for right of way so just watch the other cars or pedestrians around you before you make a move. Not enough pedestrians crossings (Zebra Crossing) found even in busy roads, expect people to cross in front of you unexpectedly and be prepare to stop at all times. Law of drinking and driving is not fully enforced. Horn blowing is common and widely used. Same road for bikes, cars, and bicycles and animals. In Nepal, almost half the traffic fatalities involve Pedestrians. There are not enough parking facilities and most vehicles are parked right at the road side.

Nepal FAQ What are the roads like in Nepal ?

Lot of pot holes, unmarked and dusty with unregulated traffic and most roads were built with assistance from USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Britain, the Soviet Union, Switzerland, and China. There is only one highway that connects its Capital (Kathmandu) to India - the heart of supply for oil, gas and commodities like rice to Nepal. If this highway were to stop even for a week, the entire Kathmandu would go chaos! There are not enough roads to reach remote areas where still people have to walk for hours to get to facilities such as hospital. Nepal has 13,200 KM highways only 30% of it is paved.

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