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Are drugs legal in Nepal?
The answer is BIG NO! Drugs are illegal to buy or sell in Nepal. Please remember, you can get into lot of troubles like fines and imprisonment for upto 20 years in Nepali jail for committing drug related crimes. Say no to Drugs

Nepal FAQ Is Nepal Drug Free ? : No, and the truth is never told! The truth is there is a lot of drug smuggling in Nepal. For example, visit the Thamel street and you will be surprised how many times police petrol the infinite mini-streets within Thamel during 6p.m. to 8 p.m hours. That's when most travelers and Nepalese hit the streets to find drugs like hashish. Police too are often involved in drug business but how would you know about all this if everybody were to told to shut their mouth! - a typical democratic style of the Nepali King who rules it all! Learn about Democracy in Nepal, if there is any! Many parts of the lower-flat (Terai) land of Nepal grows marijuana, where many farmers weed every year to get rid off it but it just keeps coming back! Many of them have ready made buyers and while some of them will sell it domestically. One can easily pass drugs such as marijuana from Terai to place like the capital Kathmandu.

Nepal Drugs Facts :

  • Nepali Maoists are believed to be running drug smuggling to buy arms. To learn about Nepali Maoists here >>
  • The distillate marijuana and hash are consumed by some Nepalese during the Holi Festival as part of the colorful festive season. Various sweet products containing the drugs are available in disguised shops offering sweet products during the festive season.
  • Of all the Teenagers in Nepal, About 80% of them have smoked Marijuana once
  • Marijuana and hash are frequent to some Holi monks, priest residing in temples like Pashupatti and Boudha.
  • Nepal's lower flat land (Terai) grows Marijuana which is smuggled to India through land borders and some of the drugs are brought to cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara
  • His Majesty's Government (Right now the Government is the King himself!) may frame Rules regulating the production of hashish from wild cannabis plants growing in the western hilly region of Nepal and the sale and purchase of such hashish for a specified period, and no act done by any person in accordance with the licenses obtained under such Rules shall be deemed to constitute an offense under the drug law!. So, we guess the Nepali King can do drug business, if he wants.
  • Nepali Drug Law Says : Anyone who consumes cannabis shall be punished with an imprisonment for a term up to one month or with a fine upto two thousand rupees.
  • Remember : It is illegal to grow, buy or sell drugs in Nepal.

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Drug Facts Sources: Nepal Police, Pashupati Development Division, Ministry of Home, and UNODC.org : Year 2005

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