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List includes some of the kings, prince and princesses, martyrs, heros, political party leaders and others who have shaken and/or shaped this Himalayan country of ours and are truly the part of Nepal’s History

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Photos of Major Political Leaders of Nepal

Photo Name Title Key Achievement(s)
/ Notes
King Tribhuvan Tribhuvan King (Late)
(1906 – 1951)
King of Nepal (Late) Provided support to Nepali Congress Party in Liberal Democratic Movement. Youngest King of Nepal who was crowned at the age of 5
prithivi King Prithivi Narayan Shaha
King of Nepal He won over Ranas and other kings ultimately unifying Nepal into one single Kingdom
mahendra King Mahendra Shaha
King of Nepal Introduced Panchayat System, also supported Multi-Party Democracy in Nepal
bp koirala (1914-1982) PM 1st PM of Nepal remembered for work in Freedom and Justice
birendra King Birendra Shaha
King of Nepal (Late) Believed to be Nepalese most beloved and Liberal King. He was regarded as the People’s King
late dipendra prince Late Prince Dipendra
(1971 – 2001)
Prince of Nepal (Late) Son of Late King Birendra who had many social activities as head of organizations
Gyanendra King Gyanendra Shaha
(Born in 1947)
King of Nepal Introduced Panchayat System, also supported Multi-Party Democracy in Nepal
paras prince Prince Paras
(Born in 1971)
Prince of Nepal Son of King Gyanendra who is active in Social and Sports Organizations.
aishwarya queen Aishwaraya Shah
(1946 – 2001)
Queen of Nepal (Late) Strong character, often holding Royal Power and loved by many Nepalese for her dedication and softness.
Komal Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah Komal Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah
Queen of Nepal Her rule is seen limited and hence has low profile
man mohan adhikari Man Mohan Adhikari
(1920 – 1999)
PM As a opposition leader, he brought may key issues before the Government and help pass some of them for the Nepalese people
Dharma Bhakta Mathema Dharma Bhakta Mathema
( – 1942)
Marty Executed by Rana regime during people’s movement to abolish absolute power.
Shukraraj Shastri Shukraraj Shastri
( – 1942)
Marty (Died during exile movements to abolish absolute power of Rana regime which started since 1923)
Gangalal Shrestha Gangalal Shrestha
( – 1942)
Marty Fought for Democracy in Nepal. Rana rulers took his life. See above note applies to the his Marty as well.
Dasharath Chand Dasharath Chand
Marty Fought for Democracy in Nepal. Rana rulers took his life. See note at Gangalal Marty, note applies to this person.
Tenging Norgay Tenzing Norgay
Hero The 1st to climb the highest peak on earth with Edmund Hillary in 1953
edmund hillary Sir Edmund Percival Hillary
Hero of Nepal Coming from a far land to achieve his dream, in turn makes this tiny nation known to the world. Nepal gave him “Nepali Citizenship”, now honored by naming the highest airport on earth, Lukla as “Tenging Hillary Airport”. The only traveler who receives the title Hero of Nepal.
Ganesh Sing Ganesh Man Singh
(1915 – )
PM (Late) Nepal honors him with the title “Father of Democracy”.
amar sing thapa Amar Sing Thapa
( – )
Hero Acting as a Army Chief he brought Anglo-Nepalese War to and end; making Nepal as a free nation. Helped develop Nepal, tied Nepal’s relationship with the outside, yet did receive heavy criticisms on the freedom handed to Nepalese during his time.
true nepali heroion Pasang Sherpa
(1961 to 1993)
Heroine Legendary Woman who upon scaling Mt Everest has inspired women of all nationalities and ages
Madan Kumar Bhandari Madan Kumar Bhandari
Marty He was once the PM of Nepal Communist Party; Died in a Car Crash; Nepalese are still not sure if he died of coup or by accident.
Prachanda Pushpa Kamal Dahal but popularly known with his name Prachanda
Leader of Communist Party Of Nepal(Maoist) (CPNM) Working with other leaders to make Nepal Republic. He started the People’s war in 1996.
Junga Bahadur Rana Junga Bahadur Rana PM (Late) The first person to plant tea and generate Tea business for Nepal. Also the founder of Rana Regime who ruled Nepal for more than 100 years.

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