Beliefs and Facts on History of Nepal


Key Facts on Nepal’s History


  • Rana’s autocracy lasted for more than 104 years. While they remained the most unpopular dynasty, they did have their important roles in defending the country from British and Indian Armies. It is their wrong doing, people’s movement started and nothing could stop the voices of people. Nepalese are proud of defending the nation from the early age in the history of the country.
  • Nepali Congress Party becomes the first Political Party of Nepal and has won more elections than any other parties in the country.
  • Two major Royal Coup are remembered by Nepalese; One by King Mahendra and one by King Gyanendra. Both coups failed to live long due to massive movement by Nepalese
  • British tried to Take Nepal land and the Ranas(The Nepalese) were helping British in their quest to conquer Nepal Land
  • The most notorious and the most autocratic government of Nepal was by Rana Regimes


Categorization of Nepalese History

Based on the timeline, we can categorized the entire history of Nepal on these categories

  • Rana Rules Nepal
  • British Tries to Take Nepal Land but They Fail in the hands of Gurkha warriors
  • Rana is Defeated by Shah Dynasty
  • Shah Dynasty introduces Panchayat System which is nothing more than another autocracy
  • Shah Dynasty still survives side by side with Multi-Party Democracy
  • Failing to development Nepal, maintain peace and development of the nation, Shah now falls in the hands of Nepali people with hope to be in the Palace or out as Nepal is now preparing to vote for Republic Nepal upon getting parliament to Abolish Monarch
  • What’s next? Many believe : Peace or Violence or separation of the country into individual states for better or worse or general election will be held with new PM having Monarchy or without Monarchy system


Some Interesting Stuffs on Nepal’s History

  • Nepal holds the first ever democratic election in 1959, that’s about 49 years ago as of this date of writing (2008)
  • The youngest King of Nepal was 3 years old; Rajendra Bikram Shah, never got his chance but got kidnapped in his own Royal Palace
  • The fastest Prime Minister to take over Nepal was Jung Bahadur Rana. Who upon taking power, sent then the Nepal’s King and Queen to India (King Rajendra and Queen Lakshmidevi). He is the founder of Rana regime and has a lengthy nickname as “Sri Teen (3) Maharaja Jang Bahadur Rana”. Although his real name was “Bir Narsingh Kunwar”, many believe that he deserved such a great nick name for ruling Nepal for over 100 years under which there were some developments as well as suppression of freedom. Which Prime Minister can be smart enough to put his own King into prison ? There aren’t many out there in this world. In the entire history of Nepal, his man, Jung Bahadur means courage, willingness, determination and power.


Beliefs of Nepalese on Government

  • Many Nepalese believe that being a land-locked country, Nepal country is mainly influenced by India and/or China in times of war and/or need in Nepal. Anything that comes to Nepal by land must come from either China or India. India supplies fuel such as Kerosene for Nepal, even a day’s blockage of supply sparks havoc throughout Nepal
  • Much of the aids that come to the country for social development has never been utilized properly
  • Every PM of Nepal have had some link with corruption
  • Major industrial business houses lobby with Government and hence the Government fails to do much for the poor and middle class Nepalese.

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