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narayan wagle
Narayan Wagle

Editor of Nepal's largest selling and widely circulated nepali-language newspaper, Kantipur. He is also an author whose latest work 'Palpasa Café' has become one of the best selling novels of Nepal.

His hobbies include script-writing, and reviewing movies.
kanak dixit
Kanak Mani Dixit

Editor of Himal magazine, which is Nepal based, one of the most respected South Asian news magazine. Magazine is available in Nepali and English. He is also one of the fighters for Nepal's future.
durga sharma
Durga Nath Sharma

Durga started his media courier as a news reader. His news program `Gatana ra Bichar', acclaimed news programming in Nepal Television, brought him some good fame. He is the General Manager of Nepal Television, and a well known figure in Nepal's news and media arena. Durga has conducted many interviews with prominent figures like Nepali King and Nepali celebrities.
Bhaskar Raj Karnikar
Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar

A businessmen who heads one of the busiest advertising companies in Nepal, Avenues Nepal, also the President of Nepalese Association of Advertising Agencies and a popular MC (Presenter) of Radio, TV and Shows.
Kundan Dixit
Kunda Dixit

A senior journalist of Nepal, who once worked with BBC as a news reporter. Currently he is the editor and publisher of English language news magazines Nepali Times and Himal. Kunda is the head of a none profit news organization known by the name PANOS South Asia, which works toward supporting media and promoting conditions for greater freedom of expression.
Lok Uddhab Kishor
From top to bottom, clockwise

Lok Deep Thapa - the editor of Rising Nepal, English daily newspaper, Uddhab Upadhaya - editor of Gorkhapatra, Nepali daily newspaper, Kishor K.C - a news reporter. Run by the Government of Nepal, these folks do what they can to present Nepali news to the public without being beaten by the Nepali Government. Most journalists in Nepal agree that working in a Government-run news media provides for lesser freedom of speech / reporting than private-run media.
Kamala Sarup

A Nepali journalist and a story writer, who is the editor of, also contributes to,, and other news and media publications. Her stories are often of disarmament, conflict resolution, nonviolence sanctions, conflicts and crises. She writes on Anti war, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development issues.
Yubaraj Ghimire
Yubaraj Ghimire

Editor of the leading weekly news magazine Samaya. Yubaraj had worked as an Associate Editor for the Indian daily newspaper, The Indian Express, and as a producer for BBC's Nepali Radio Program.
satinder bindra
Satinder Bindra

CNN's correspondent for Nepal, India, and South Asian Countries

Satinder lands in this TINY country only when a BIG news breaks here.

Otherwise, you can find him in other BIG countries.

Big commercial news media often seem to be looking out for Big countries or Big news to cash in, and Nepal is their rare opportunity.
daniel lak
Daniel Lak

BBC's reporter from Nepal

Satinder and Daniel have something in common... they love Nepali Food (DalBhat and Tarkari, well, we think so!)

They Fly in a lavish plane comfortably resting and eating, while a heart-breaking news breaks in Nepal. When they arrive, news has already become a story. So, both of them have been asked by Nepalese to stay in Nepal and cover news from beginning to the end, but not just the bits and pieces of a story.

gopal sharma
Gopal Sharma

Gopal writes for Reuters, a news organization that offers its products to other media.

You can find Reuters materials in,,,, and other various sites.
binaj gurubacharya
Binaj Gurubacharya

Binaj, who is also associated with the Kathmandu Post (a daily newspaper), writes for the Associated Press (AP), another news organization.

Both of these guys love to use the words.. Said He, Said She and make story a summary! and Here again...

both of them have been asked by Nepalese to dwell deep into the news and forget about what AP or Reuters want!!
Nepali Bloggers - This row goes out some of the bloggers of Nepal. To get a good-night sleep, empty your head before bed time... Just blog! Find blogs by these and other Nepalese at our web directory > Society and Culture category.
dinesh wagle
Dinesh Wagle

Dinesh does active blogging in English

When dinesh is not blogging, you could find him browsing the internet, reading, and making new friends. Want to send him some gifts? Give him "News", he will much appreciate it!
umesh shrestha
Umesh Shrestha

Umesh takes a simply hobby to a professional level.

Umesh claims to have brought the first Nepali Blog site and the first Nepali Video Blogs. He also writes for, a popular Korean based Citizen Journalism site.

kathmandu speaks salik shah
Salik Shah

Shah loves blogging and writing for news sites such as kathmandu post and He is trying to bring various voices of Nepal using the name Kathmandu as the Voices.
ujjwal acharya
Ujjwal Acharya

Ujjwal has a great smile. He maintains a unique and useful directory of Nepali blog sites.

Ujjwal loves playing cricket* sport and using computers. (*-an unique sport played in many countries except in America, the game which is very similar to baseball.
bishnu nisthuri
Bishnu Nisthuri

One of the leading press activists in the country, president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists.
Praveen Giri
Praveen Giri

Praveen is among the senior journalists in the Country. He works with Radio Nepal and Nepal Television as a news anchor for News in Nepali language. He has clear and strong voice, so powerful that you will listen just about anything he says!
Bhagirath Yogi
Bhagirath Yogi

How does it feel to be the editor of Nepal's busiest online news site? Just ask Yogi! is the first online news site of Nepal. As these days, newspapers have begun hosting their own news sites, is facing lack of contents. Yet, Yogi does a great job of keeping the site cool even with limited resources.
durga karki
Durga Karki

Durga is a radio journalist for one of the popular FM radios in the country, Sagarmatha.

She likes to make new friends and spend time for herself.
bishnu nisthuri
Basanti Basnet

Basanti is a news reader and a radio jockey (RJ) of Radio Annapurna FM station. She RJs the popular songs program "Bhawana Tapaiko Geet Hamro" and has interests in Literature.
kiran nepal
Kiran Nepal

More than a decade of Journalism, Kiran, is now a proud editor of online Nepali news site He is one of the highly respected journalists of Nepal. He also continues writing to numerous nepali newspapers including the popular nepali-language newspaper Himal Khabarpatrika.
Pawan Acharya Pawan Acharya

Pawan is a Radio Journalist working with various Radios in Kathmandu, also contributes to, a Nepali online news site that is gaining much popularity because of fresh content. Pawan likes traveling and writing news stories. He also contributes to, a news site
mukunda bogati
Mukunda bogati

Mukunda is a free-lance photo journalist whose works can be seen in many Nepali newspapers.

He also shows his works online through his site.Find his site at the Nepal Web Directory - Arts and Entertainment
rajesh dhungana
Rajesh Dhungana

Rajesh is among the highly respected Photo Journalists of Nepal.

Rajesh works with various news and media including Gorkhapatra, and, a popular online news site. He also contributes to Nepali newspapers, also as an executive member of Nepal National Forum of Photo Journalists Organization

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