Health Facts of Nepal

Nepal can be Healthy

Some people may agree that Nepal is sick and can be healthy because of two reasons:

  • Nepali Doctors only treat those who live in the city or they leave the country in search for a better personal life else where.
  • Extreme Poverty and lack of Hospitals

A doctor in Nepal has to take care about 18,000 population. Many poor countries in the world have health problems. Lack of resource such as hospitals, transportation, communications can have immense affect on people’s lives. Nepal does not have sufficient resources. Many hospitals are only located near the city so villagers can not reach to hospital in case of emergency and hence many of them die.

In Nepal, nearly 1 in 10 children die before their first birthday. In the remote mountain areas nearly 2 in 10 children die in infancy.

Due to extreme rural life, city doctors often do not visit rural areas. In fact Nepal’s 90% of the doctors operate only in the cities and yet Nepal’s nearly 90% of the population lives in rural areas

A woman had visited the health post with her sick baby. The health worker gave her some tablets and told her to give them to the child after food. Two days later, the health worker asked her how the baby was doing and she replied,  “I have not been able to give her the medicine because you had told me to give it after the food”, she continued, “I have no food at home, and we haven’t eaten for days.”

To reach a health clinic from rural parts of Nepal, one has to walk and carry food and the sick person for miles in an extreme landscape that can take lives. There are also chances of food being confiscated. So, those who live in remote mountain villages are often a day’s walk from health care centers so often when they are really ill they may not make it.

Nepal Health Facts :

  • Population per doctor in Nepal is about 18,000
  • One hospital bed for every 5000 people
  • Nearly 90% of the women in Nepal give birth at home and most of them suffer pregnancy complications
  • Probability of children dying before the age of 5 : 83%
  • Half the health workers in Nepal have abandoned their health posts due to food supplies run out
  • Nepal’s annual population growth rate is about 2.3%
  • 92 children die every day from treatable diarrhea
  • Life expectancy at birth is 61%
  • About 35% use family planning
  • Did you know? among the illnesses affecting humanity, lack of safe water stands out as the most important factor responsible. Nepal’s most cities don’t have safe drinking water.

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