Extravagant Show-Offs

Fashion never sees borders nor does it see the size of your wallet. In developing countries where poverty is at the center of discussions in every government agenda, fashion will appear out of no where and often times we tend to compare fashion with the affordability. There is always going to be a trend in developing countries that makes it a little fuzzy for anyone to see what the country’s actual fashion is like.  Here are some facts that will help you separate what is real in Nepal and what is not real in Extravagant Show-offs.



For 90% of the Nepalese including women, can only can afford basic necessities and have no money for extras such as money for flashy clothes and makes-ups. Most Nepali women don’t wear make-ups. Modesty is very important to the Nepalese women. You might think it otherwise after seeing attractive photos of Nepali women in many Nepali websites. The truth is simple do not always believe what you see.

Even today, many Nepalese women find it inappropriate to see flashing of fashion wears on on entertainment media such as TV and websites as they too know that nothing as they see truly represents the mass. Just like it is known fact that what you see in Hollywood never presents what you would see in American or elsewhere, do not go by the eyes to see what Nepal really is.

Cable TV Culture

Cable-TVs offering western channels have mushroomed beyond Nepal’s grasp. In city like Kathmandu, teenagers are more aware of the fashion trends then their school studies. Here, modeling is the first job hunt before anything else and most nights are spent in disco and bars. There is a saying that Hollywood destroyed American culture, and CABLE TV Operators are destroying Nepalese culture specially the MTV channel. But who are we and you to tell anyone what they should wear or not. Just so you know, the most media that shows off unlike what is real Nepal is Cable TV.

Which of these Images do you think really shows Nepal ?

fake_nepali_women real_nepali_women


You know the answer !


Teens & Do I look Cool Culture?

Youth living in the cities will try to dress well, look in the mirror every time one leaves home, and pay special attention to how he or she shows wealth status by eating, shopping and hanging out only in selected places regarded as for certain class of people such as high class. For many, how you feel about yourself is less important than how others perceive you and making a good impression.

Even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket and you belong to a rich class, your first instinct is to ride a cab but not a bus, you are starving to death but won’t eat in economic dining places, these and many such traits of useless prides exist in many places throughout the world even in a developed country but more so in a developing country where there is a vast difference between rich and poor and it’s influence in social life.

There are Nepalese who are world’s top class shoppers, and there are the poor Nepalese without a job, and there are scum bag corrupted lawmakers and there are the innocent hard working Nepali students trying to make ends meet working and studying at the same time while helping their parents financially. In Nepal, show-offs are just illusions which thrives because of lack of awareness.

Thin Nepalese vs Healthy Actors and Actress (or Fat)

Beautiful and Healthy Actors and Actresses are seen in Nepalese and movies preferred by Nepalese such as Indian movies.  Reality ? Nepalese are poor, most are thin and malnourished. Nepali movies often do not show realities, they are often prepared for an ecstasy into another world for millions of poor people who watch and dream of becoming one of the actor or actress being caste on the movie.


a Nepali but not climbed Everest?

Live a way from Nepal and get a question, “Where are you from?”… and get another question… “Oh, so you are a Nepali from Nepal so you have you climbed the Everest?” What do you say to them? Did you know that a lot of such people are really asking for honest answers.

Here is an answer to you all, not all Nepalese take it for granted. In fact, foreigners have seen more of Nepal than most Nepalese Teens do. Why? They just don’t have money to travel or could it be that most of them are so occupied in city showing-off rather than exploring their own country ? Nobody knows but the reality is don’t expect a Nepali to climb a Everest even though it’s just there in their own backyard.



Where are the REAL stuffs ?

In rural parts of Nepal, roads, schools and even Electricity is out of reach.  When searching for Nepal, make us of the domain; .edu, or .org to learn a lot about the Nepali people who are real. In Google, add the term (site:.edu) after your keyword to search for concrete information on various topics for the country. Shows-offs aren’t really show-offs, perhaps they are the distractions from the reality or the way to spend time for the country’s half the people are unemployed or just a thick layer atop the thin layer none of which truly represents Nepal.

See image below to finish this topic:


show off

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