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April 10 2008 Election Result : Last Updated On June 11 2008

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Current Election : Rewrite The Constitution Of Nepal

What the election is intended to do ?

    This is a Constituent Assembly Election which is called in to restructure the country, decide on the role of monarchy, enforce new laws, improve Human Rights, and uplift economy of the nation

Election Date : April 10, 2008

  • Election for a new constitution of Nepal is set to to be held on April 10, which could possibly remove the role of Monarchy. In the history of Nepal, more candidates have joined, more parties have been formed and the contest is one of a kind that will be remembered for long. A news report claims that as many as 4000 candidates are running the race. It is possible that many will drop out of the race.

How the Election Process Works ?

Image Courtesy of Election Commission of Nepal. Visit their site for an interactive view of this image

how to vote

Notes on above Chart

  1. Goes to a table, Signs on his/her name, Then Grabs the Ballet Paper 1 upon receiving a Permanent ink on a thumbnail*
  2. Walks to a table, Stamps on the Ballet Symbol
  3. Walks to another table to let the Personnel keep track the number of 1st Ballet Papers
  4. Walks walks to Ballet Box 1, Drops the 1st Ballet Paper
  5. Then Walks to another table, Grabs another Ballet Paper 2
  6. Walks to Table and Stamps on the Ballet Paper 2
  7. Walks to a table to let the Personnel Keep track the number of 2nd Ballet Papers
  8. Then Walks to the Ballet Box 2, Drops it in!
  9. Out of the Election Complex. It's been a long hours waiting, finding your name, going from table to table, it's time to get home and rest!!


  • * = The ink lasts for a day or two only
  • Elections are held in places like schools and colleges which remain closed during the day
  • Election Starts from 7 AM in the morning
  • Men, Women must be lined on separate line
  • Before one can vote, one must present "Voters Registration Card issued issued by Village Development Boards.
  • There is no database and a system to prevent one from getting multiple Voters Registration Card so a person might be able to vote not once but as many times as possible in multiple locations where he/she has been registered.
  • Local Police and where-necessary Army are used to protect the Ballets which are brought to ballet-counting places by armed vehicles.
  • Just one question for you? Drop your answer at our forum. Why does this election have two ballets ?

A typical Sample Of Ballet paper

    Sample of A Ballet Paper

    One Grabs the Paper, then presses the thumb on an ink pad, then puts their thumb print besides the symbol

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Nepal Election Web links - Resources

Contact Information for Nepal Election Commission

    Would like to say something about the Election ? Contact the authorities.
    Here is their address

    Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: 977-1-4228663
    Fax: 977-1-4229227
    (977-1 required when calling from outside of the country)


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