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About Nepali Calendar

Nepali calendar is called Bikram Sambat. It is written B.S. or Simply BS in short. Nepali calendar is a Lunar Calendar, which is about 57 years ahead of the English Calendar. Current Nepali Year is 2063. One interesting feature of Nepali calendar is that months may not have the same number of days every year unlike English Calendar. For example, the month Magh is of 29 days in year 2063, and 30 days in 2062, and 29 days in 2061. Isn't that Interesting and amusing ? The following table shows you Months of Nepali Calendar and where they fall in the English calendar.

Months of Nepali Calendar

Generally speaking, a Nepali month falls in between two months of a English Calendar. For example, Baisakh month would start on 14 April and End on 14 May, and Jestha would start on 15 May and 14 June and so on

  • Baisakh | April to May
  • Jestha | May to June
  • Asadh | June to July
  • Shrawan | July to August
  • Bhadra | August to September
  • Ashoj | September to October
  • Kartik | October to November
  • Mangshir | November to December
  • Poush | December to January
  • Magh | January 2006 to February
  • Falgun | February to March
  • Chaitra | March to April

Nepali calendar is Nepal's national pride. Everything goes by this calendar. Most Nepalese Calendars do include English Calendar to make it useful for both users. Some Nepalese celebrate not only Nepali festivals but also celebrate other important international festivals such as Christmas. The most popular holidays for teens are Dashain, Tihar and Holi from the Nepali Calendar, and Valentines Day from the English Calendar.

Everyone in Nepal follows Nepali Calendar. The banks, government, the private companies, self employed business owners - just about everyone. The tune and rhythm of a Nepali month often signals a season and sensation. For example, the name of the month `Shrawan' usually tells everyone that a heavy mansoon is coming. And Ashoj and Kartik are often the two most important months which brings the most important festival of Nepal - Dashain and Tihar, and the month Falgun is synonymous with the Festival Fagu-Purnima, meaning a festival of colors also known as `Holi'. So, say "When is Falgun coming? or Falgun KaHeLay AuDaichaa in Nepali, it immediately implies when is Holi coming?. Festivals and holidays are very important part of Nepalese life. They are celebrated widely and across all cultural boundaries.

About Nepali Calendar in Bullet Points!

  • Nepali Calendar is a pride of Nepal - It is used by everyone, Nepalese living in Nepal and those living away from Nepal. The calendar itself speaks the really uniqueness of Nepal
  • Each Year's Calendar is prepared by the finest Astrologers.
  • Days of a Month will never be the same for every year.
  • Holidays can jump from one month to another in any year, and without a notice to you!
  • Have no Nepali Calendar, you will surely be lost in Nepal!

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