FAQs on Nepal

Includes answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Nepal.





Where is Nepal ? – Nepal is a small country located between India and China with an area of  56,827 Square Miles (147,181 Square Kilometers) roughly about the size of North Carolina state of the United States. Nepal has no sea borders.

How do you pronounce Nepal ? – Say NeyPoul, and now try saying Pal as you are smiling with soft voice a little similar to saying Pal as in Paypal. Click here, to listen to audio file.

What is Nepal known for ? –  Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, birth place of Lord Buddha and country’s handicrafts. Other reference includes wooden and metal crafts, hand-made Nepali papers, as a favorite destination of the Himalayas, and a country having tourism as the main source of income.

What does Nepali or Nepalese Mean ?  – Nepali means both a person from Nepal or the official language of the country, whereas Nepalese is the plural form of noun for people from the country. Here are some examples, I love Nepali language.  My neighbor is a Nepali boy. Nepalese villages are beautiful. There are lots of Nepalese over there playing soccer.

What is the capital of Nepal ? – Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, often called as the Kathmandu valley which includes Patan and Bhaktapur cities. Kathmandu is the center of attraction for Tourists, and access for Nepalese to Government Ministries, Departments and foreign embassies. A 16 square miles of land surrounded by mountains is one the most diverse cities in the world by sights, sounds, structures, and lifestyle–making it practically possible to witness hundreds of different things in less than a mile of distance.

What is the official language of Nepal ? – Nepali is the official language of the country. Devanagari is the script for writing which is also by neighboring country India. Here is an example of Nepali equivalent to saying I love you –म तिमीलाइ माया गर्छु ।

How do you greet in Nepal ? – Common form of  is called Namaste which can be done by voice and/or with a gesture. Place your palms together pointing towards your chin and facing towards the person. Slightly bowing of your head and placing your palms atop your chest and smiling adds more politeness and respectful greeting. Namastay means hello, good to see you, good bye, see you again. In Sanskirt, “Namas” means  in-peace I bend,  and  “Te” stands for “to you”. Namaste.

What is the national anthem like ? – Anthem of Nepal speaks of all Nepalese being one garland from one end of the land to another with natures blessings and land of knowledge and peace with diverse culture and language — preciously what Nepal really is.

What is Nepali music like ?  – Main genre are folks, classic, pop and rock (the later being popularized by teens). Folk songs often describe everyday life of people up in the remote villages. Folk songs are called Dohari, having unique music and lyrics that easily distinguishes them from any music in the world– Nepalese recognize them immediately no matter where they listen. Home made instruments include Madal, a drum with tow ends, and a Sharangi, a tiny scale of Violin alike instrument. Romantic music and tear-jerking lyrics make up for the most Nepali songs.

What is the Currency of Nepal ? Nepalese Rupee or NPR in short is the currency of Nepal. Use of coins is negligible here. Transactions are not heavy in remote areas thus exchanging higher notes are difficult. Notes reveal unique icons of the country such as the photo of Kings and national assets such as Mount Everest.

Is gambling legal in Nepal ? –  Gambling is illegal for the Nepalese, but is offered to none Nepalese such as Indian nationals and other tourists visiting the country in a few licensed  locations. Casinos are found in luxuriou hotels which never rings any bells to locals. Nepalese gambling law can change without a notice, it’s best to avoid this physically or online while you are there.

What is the current population of Nepal ? – Roughly 28 million people live in Nepal

What is night life like in Nepal ?  – Not much unless you are in tourists areas such as Thamel, Pokhara tourist Area, Durbarmarg. Even in these areas, bars and restaurants close every early.

Are there Bars in Nepal ?  – Certain locations have full bars catering to tourists.  Thamel in Kathmandu has some of the finest bars for tourists.

What are the major festival in Nepal ?   – Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Janai Purnima, Krishna Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, new year for both English and Nepali calendar, and in the cities Christmas and Valentines day equally celebrated.

What can i study in Nepal ?   – Visiting the country for Higher Degree courses were not possible about a decade ago. Some a few tourist have chosen for Degrees on Hospitality, Computer Programming, Business Management, Accounting, and Airline Pilots.

Do all kids go to school in Nepal?  –  No. There is no law that requires all kids to go to school such as law found in developed countries like the United States. Certain laws are extremely difficult to implement and practically impossible for Nepal due to lack of infrastructures such as roads, it may take another five or six years form now as the construction of new roads in the remote areas have begun slowly.

What is the current time in Nepal ? – Nepal’s time is Five hours Forty Five Minutes ahead of Greenwich time (a location in London)  Google simply shows you instantly time of the country when you search by the keyword “Nepal Time” If you are in the U.S, you simply cut back an hour or two and add the a.m. to p.m. or p.m. to a.m. to get the Nepal time. i.e. Nepal time would be 7.00 a.m Wednesday when it’s around 8.00 p.m Tuesday in the Eastern Time. of United States.

What is the difference between Terai and Himal ?  – The lower-part of the country is a flat land and in Nepali it is called Terai, and the upper parts of the country are hills and mountains which is called Himal. One means flat land and the other means hills and mountain lands. Those terms are also heard in weather conditions as the country’s temperature which begins to rise and fall in various altitudes. Example of Terai and Himal cities can be Butwal, Bhairahawa, Birgunj as Terai Cities where as Jumla, Illam, Mustang can be Himal cities or just Himal areas.

Does it snow in Nepal ? –  It is actually a false assumption as the country of the Himalayas is Nepal. In the capital there was snow in 2007 which made a history other than there is no snow in Nepal but in Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna and other high altitude mountains do get snow and ice storms all year around.

I heard about Cast System in Nepal – What is it ? –  Today it is against the Nepalese law to discriminate anyone and cast system in being eradicated through education. It is a system of discriminate a person based on his family roots.

What is the country code to call Nepal ?   – 977 is the country code of Nepal and 1-Kathmandu 61-Pokhara and 25-Dharan are some city codes. To call a number in Kathmandu from the United States, dial 011-977-1 then phone number. If you are calling to USA from Nepal, dial 001-1

What is Nepali Food like ?  – Rice is the staple of people here which is enjoyed as lunch and dinner. Common side dishes are vegetable curry and lentils. Goat meat is popular among Nepalese. The phrase “Dal-Bhat-Tarkai” means the meal of the country, where Dal is the Lentils, Bhat is the Rice and Tarkai is the Curry.

What is Nepali Marriage Like ?  – It is a traditional Hindu marriage.  Others marry in temples  as their choice on based on needs. Marriage is costly here– golds, jewelries, downy seen or unseen and mega parties for hundreds and thousands are expected in traditional marriage.  Engagement ring, post and per-marriage parties, family gatherings, and in arrange marriage, families get to know each other and the would be groom and bride learn to know each other in-front of their family; a little talking, a sip of tea or coffee. There is usually a person who brings news to both parties about how good a match would be, how much each other may have in terms of a well paid job or wealth of families and if they like their choice, the arrange for marriage. Due to higher education, now-a-days, couples learn about each other more before they are pushed by the family to get married.

How long does it take to get married ? – a handsome Groom in all colorful appearance; Cap, Garland and a National dress in a car or walking in-front of  a huge line of invitees in traditional clothes with music and dance head to the reception party and return the next day with bride after a long hours of Puja. Simply put it, It takes up-to a day to get married in Nepal.

What is the divorce rate in Nepal ? –  Relatively low comparing to other countries. Love marriage vs Arrange Marriage in this country are never seen as evil to one another. In fact, divorce is less common in Arrange-marriage then Love-marriage. Current divorce is about one or two in twenty thousand people. (About 1.5 % per 20,000 people)

What is the legal age for marriage in Nepal ?  – In Nepal, legal age for marriage is 18 years. Others in the order of favorable are 25, 30, 35 as found in major cities such as Pokhara.

When is the best time to Travel Nepal ? –  Prior to monsoon season and post monsoon season.  Monsoon in Nepal are June, July and August months. Trekkers and Climbers prefer post-monsoon season for visiting Nepal. All Everest Climbers prefer post monsoon season.

How far will my money go in Nepal ?  –  U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and Euro Dollar, buys a lot of Nepalese Rupees, in other words, Nepalese currency is weaker than Currency of Developed countries. 100 U.S. Dollar $ would buy you nearly 10,000 Nepalese Rupees in March 2015. Check current exchange rates. Your money can go even further due to lower prices in accommodation and food costs. For example, $10 dollar per night comfortable room in a budget hotel, dinner is for less than $5 is available in the country’s city area.

How much does it cost to get to Nepal ?  –  Sites like Expedia or Travelocity should help you find a fare from your country to Nepal. For a quick answer, this should help. From United States to Nepal round trip per person should not cost you more than $1500.

Are there ATM facilities in Nepal? — Yes in cities only such as Kathmandu, Pokhara.  Some banks allow you to use your checks to convert currency to Nepalese Rupees. We recommend carrying Travelers check to save up on transaction fees for their conveniences.

What type of Credit Cards are accepted in Nepal?   – You can use debit and credit cards here, most popular being VISA and Master cards.

What are Nepali people like ?   –  Friendly and have interest of talking to one another and offer a very polite first impression and they smile. If you look a different then the mass they will keep looking at you, specially the kids and in those living in rural parts of the country, take advantage of that situation–smile back.

How safe is traveling in Nepal ? – Exercise common travel practices to remain safe as you would travel to any destinations.  Trek with a guide, visit cities with a guide for fun and safety. Visit Nepal Tourism Board and your Embassy in case you’ve doubt about the credential of a travel company.  Avoid traveling at night, being around riots, and demonstrations.

Should I bring my medications ?   –  Yes. Do not travel without your medications. In fact, make sure you have enough pills or more. Visit your doctor to have him prescribe you enough pills. You can not refill your medications while you are there.

What are transportation like in Nepal ?  –  Buses in Nepal are crowded, the main bus terminal is located at Gongabu and vehicles are poorly maintained. Taxis: Day and night taxis are available at all major city areas with night taxi fare being double the day fare. You can hire a taxi for a day’s tour. Motorbikes  are available for hire. Most are 90-250cc bikes. Avoid riding on hilly roads.

Is my license valid for driving in Nepal ? – International Drivers License is valid for driving in Nepal. But due to traffic and road conditions driving in cities is extremely difficult. We recommend that you avoid this activity in highways and in remote roads as they are some of the most extreme roads in the world.

In Nepal do you drive on the Left or on the Right ?  –  In Nepal traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road. When you drive on the left-hand side of the road, driver sits on the right-hand side of the car. If your car has manual transmission, it will be on your left-hand side so you will be using your left hand to use it. See the picture on the side for more on where driver’s instruments are located on the left-hand drive system. You drive keeping your vehicle on the left side of the road. Pay special attention when you make a turn or when you are about to take a new road, always remember to take the left side of the road not the right. It can take a while to practice before you drive on the main roads.

What’s Traffic Law and Roads like in Nepal? – Most roads do not have lane markings. There is no use of center yellow line telling when you can or can overtake. There is no law for right of way so just watch the other cars or pedestrians around you before you make a move.

Is it legal or not to carry Gun in Nepal ? – It is illegal to carry gun in Nepal. Do not conceal a weapon. In hunting areas such as hunting parks, you may use such hunting guns but they must be returned before leaving the park.

Is it true that I can get VISA from the Airport ?  – Yes, but not for everyone. We recommend you obtain a visa before visiting Nepal to avoid the hassle. Nationals of U.S.,UK, Canada, Australia and other nationalities may obtain Visa on arrival at the airport in Kathmandu.

Do I need a permit to trek in Nepal ? No. Not for every mountain in Nepal. Only for a few protected mountains in the country. Your travel company will take of what needs to be for you. Yes, for some mountains it can be, if your next question was, are they expensive?

I have a laptop will it work in Nepal?   – No if it usage a different power such as 110 Volt. Buy a A/C D/C Voltage converter. Nepal usage 240 voltage power at 50MHZ. Visit your Radio Shack or you may be able to buy one from a Gift-Shop in Airports. Electric Plug is two or three round prongs, but not flat prongs as found in other countries like the United States, so even check the plugs of your voltage converter to ensure that they fit in wall-sockets in Nepal.

Can I bring my pets for an extended stay in Nepal? – Yes you can. Certain Airlines allow you to take your pets. Check with your airline and contact Nepalese Customs Department to comply with requirements. Carry your pet’s medical history such as vaccination records. There are veterinarians in larger cities such as Kathmandu for your peace of mind.

Did I hear that right ? Nepal has it’s own calendar ? – Yes. Nepal has it’s own unique calendar whose new year starts somewhere in April month of English Calendar. All Nepali holidays are from the Nepali Dates not English Dates. In Nepali calendar, a particular Nepali month may have different days from year to year.

How long does it take a letter to reach Nepal or from Nepal to my country? – Commercial courier companies such as UPS, FED-EX, DHL have stores in Nepal and can guarantee express delivery to and from Nepal with in 5 to 7 business days. Check their sites for more details. To send your post card or other items, use Nepali Main Postal Department located at Kathmandu, but do not use the drop-in mail boxes from the streets–they are unreliable. The Government run regular mails may take upto 2 weeks to reach your mail to your home.

What kinds of gifts are common to give to a friend in Nepal ? – Common gift items are watches, jewelries, clothes, electronics such as Camera, CD-players and money is common. You won’t be able to give gift-cards. For electronics make sure they are designed for 240 Volt, 50MHZ (Nepal’s Electricity Standard). People will products made in your country; Made in the USA. or Made in Germany. If you are traveling light, money can be a great gift as well as others.

What are Nepalese like ? – Nepalese are friendly and hospitable by nature. Travelers recount Nepalese among the best friends in the world. Nepalese respect Guests as God. And there is a popular phrase every Nepali knows, it says : “Guest equals God”.  When you visit a Nepali home, you are offered a cup of tea, you are asked in kind words, “Have you had your tea? or meal?” Offering whatever one has to a guest is considered a moral duty and is taken seriously by Nepalese. Meet and talk with Nepalese. Have a genuine interest in them. Nepalese wear a smile and a rich, traditional social values where love and affection comes before anything else. A part of the reasons why people revisit Nepal is because of the friendliness and warmth of Nepali

What is the popular trekking region in Nepal? – Annapurna region is the most popular trekking region for it’s easy to moderate trekking with excellent views. The second best is Lukla to Everest Base camp and/ or  Everest base   to Langtang region.

Can I contact police easily if I need help ?  –  Most roads have traffic police who may be able to help you even if they do not speak English such as taking you to a safe place and finding you someone who can speak English.  There is a police force dedicated to helping tourists. Get their phone number and call them immediately when you need their help. Tourist Police Unit, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, Phone : 1-4247041 and 1-4227281

Are there access to Hospitals ?  – a lot of hospitals are located in Kathmandu with Emergency Centers and there are up-scaled Hospitals in the Kathmandu catering to tourists also. These hospitals are open for 24 hour services and nearby pharmacies are also open 24 hours.

Should I bring my kids to Nepal ? –  Yes. There are many ways to make your itineraries for kids to join you to Nepal, although you would be restricted to do certain things. We recommend they be teenagers so they can also participate in trekking programs. See a page that is fully dedicated to helping you plan a trip with your family.

What are health requirements to visit Nepal ? –  To get visa you do not need health requirement for most countries. Check with your local Nepali embassy. We recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor before visiting the country.

How tall is Mount Everest ?   –  Everest is 29,029 feet and 8848 meter tall which is the altitude at the top of the mountain but not the height of the mountain as in height of a tree. Since it’s very high, one should pass physical test of endurance before attempting to climb it as higher we go, our human body has to work harder due to extreme atmospheric condition such as lack of oxygen, snow, ice and extreme cold temperatures.

Is drug Legal in Nepal  ? –   No. 20 Years of Imprisonment for even minor felony exits.  Nepali law is extreme for drugs. The question here is placed as many countries do have certain drugs made legal for medical as well as recreational purposes. Please note, in Nepal, all drugs narcotics and including marijuana are illegal for any purpose.

How can I help Nepal after earthquake ?   – You can help by giving your donations to charities that are working in Nepal in medical and other fields or you can give your time to volunteer there. We’ve created a page to help you get started. Head over to this section. Resource for Nepal Earthquake.