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101 Things To Do in Nepal

71. Cultural Shows:

Change your Spontaneous afternoons to rewarding moments. Watch Nepali Cultural Shows. If there are shows in the `International Convention Hall', or in other theaters, buy the tickets. It's worth it.

72. Teach English:

How about spending few months in Nepal teaching English in a private or public school?  Just do it. Some schools offer accommodation on their premises, renting a room is also not a problem in the city areas.

73. Find a representative:

Visit Nepal for business. One can study the potential of the Nepalese market as well as potential and capacity of local business firms. Sell your brands through authorized distribution networks. Some of the foreign brands in Nepal are TOYOTA, NISSAN, KIA, IBM, ACER, EPSON, and MICROSOFT, COKE, PEPSI.

74. The noodles attack!

Taste Nepali Biscuits and Noodles. A new noodles brand appears in the Nepalese market once every three months or more often! Try some of these noodles before you leave Nepal. Mayos, 2PM, Rara, Wai Wai, Jo Jo, Min Min, City, Ramba, Rup Pum, Hurray, MaMa, Gol Mol, and many more.

75. Nepali Topi:

Wear a Nepali Topi when walking in Nepal. Although not many non-Nepali do it, you might just want to do it for fun. It's a comfortable cap and an elegant one to wear. You can buy Nepali topi easily from Asan or Indrachowk or just tell the reception desk you want one, your hotel shop would also have some.

76. Drink Masala Tea:

Taste the ordinary Nepali tea. You should get one in your hotel, just ask for ordinary Nepali tea. The tea is made by boling the mixture of water, milk, tea and sugar. Some prefer to add small quantities of ginger powder. This tea is often referred to as the masala (mixture) tea, which has an unique aroma and flavor.

77. Chakrapath:

Take a cab and go circle the Chakrapath road, and find out why it's called Chakrapath! Well, you don't need to do it to learn but just do it to have fun. This is the road that marks the two important cities in the Valley, Kathmandu and Patan. The road actually circles the entire valley, and hence the name Chakrapath (circle road). If you are visiting many places in Kathmandu, you might prefer to hire a cab ($10 to $13) for the whole day.

78. Devi's Fall:

A lovely waterfall lying on the Siddhartha highway, 2 km south-west of the Pokhara airport, is dedicated Devin's and David's who were washed by the Pardi Khola and mysteriously disappeared down into an secretive passage beneath the fall. Visit this place, locally known as the Patale Chhango (Hell's Fall)

79.Gorkha palace and the bazaar:

Stroll around Gorkha Bazaar located below the palace, for fine architecture and cobbled lanes. Walk up the stairs to the Gorkha palace, the ancient seat of the Shah dynasty, view lush green valleys and the vista of Himalayas and beyond from there.

80. Greenest City of Nepal:

Visit Dharan, a bustling bazaar that is growing rapidly. Make your ways to Dhankuta for good views, a mild climate and plenty of interesting walks in the surrounding area including tea gardens in the region. Go up 13 kilometers north of Dhankuta Bazaar for panorama of the major peaks of the eastern Himalaya including Mt. Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Kumbhakarna.

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